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The world revolves around web and app developments. It’s fast, competitive and growing rapidly.

We know that our clients, whether startup or multinational, need to be ahead of the game for competitive advantage. This means keeping up with the pace and getting their web and app developments off the ground, when it matters most.

We transform innovative ideas into digital experiences.

We’re proud to have an in-house development team. We guarantee real-time, responsive and agile solutions. Initially, we undertake a thorough development briefing and workshop to develop scope. Then, we work with our clients to build custom web solutions for business systems, e-commerce and ideas / startups.

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Our process

1. Brief

The goal of the brief stage is to understand the problem (or opportunity) and set the criteria for its success.
In the brief stage, the problem is unpacked and an initial roadmap is presented. The roadmap indicates a broad sense of how the project vision can be reached.

2. Scope

In the scope stage, the problem or opportunity is explored further and a solution is proposed. We have found it is best to move in sequence through the discovery, inspiration, ideation, and realisation stages. The project plan follows a divergent-convergent approach to problem solving.

3. Development

The development stage is the part of the cycle where the product is actually built and tested. The project team delivers early and often, striving to maximise learning along the way. This stage is comprised of iterations which repeat until development is finished.

4. Releases

The goal of the release stage is to deploy the product into production and ensure that the stakeholders are ready to go into a live environment. We recommend three environments to work with: Development, Beta, and Production. Software development requires at least three stages of environments to ensure quality control.

5. Support

The support stage is focused on helping the product transition from active development to daily operation. The support team helps to monitor the production environment and focuses on keeping the product running smoothly.


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Col Joy Training

Together with the CJTS team, we developed a extensive booking system that allows users to book and manage their staff's training, manage courses and integrate with 3rd party tools.

The system was a bespoke implementation and customised to suit each of the clients requirements.

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We worked with Corey from 2Censor, a world-leading innovation developed in QLD, Australia. Their smart IIOT solution monitors pipelines, storage bins, and chutes for wear and tear.

The system we built tracks assets and provides trending, alarming, and data analytics to streamline plant efficiency.

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