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8 Top Tools for Streamlining Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become an integral part of promoting a business. Initially, social media was typically just added on to an overall marketing campaign. As the main platforms have grown, though, there is more requirement for a sophisticated approach. Part of this approach is using tools to streamline operations, making your promotions quicker, cost-effective, and more efficient. While there are numerous tools you can experiment with, the following options have proven to be effective in running campaigns.



Hootsuite is a popular social media dashboard, letting you schedule your posts and track the results. The tool covers the main social platforms, with the option to control different accounts from the same dashboard. Additionally, you can track your results, making it possible to gauge your ROI for paid campaigns.

Sprout Social


Sprout Social is a multipurpose social tool, with the stated aim of connecting businesses and consumers. The product has elements designed for each aspect of social media marketing, including content creation, social listening, data analysis, and content publishing. The tool is a premium product, so it will most benefit agencies and larger businesses.



Buffer is another dashboard tool that lets you control all your accounts from a single location. A major benefit of Buffer is the ability to schedule posts and analyze the results, so you can find out when an audience is most likely to respond. You can also post from a browser extension or phone app, making it easy to control your social media on the move.



BuzzSumo is a tool used for researching popular content across a range of platforms. You can research based on keywords, influencers, niches, and other factors, uncovering the content being shared the most. This data will ensure the content you post and share gains high engagement levels among your target audience.



Followerwonk is a product dedicated to Twitter, allowing users to dig deep into the analytics of the platform. It is possible to study your current followers, but also uncover new audiences you can aim to attract. If certain types of content leads to a loss or gain in followers, you can adjust your schedule to maintain engagement.



Edgar simplifies the posting process, preventing businesses from running out of content. The tool will find relevant content like quotes, blog post snippets, images, and more, so you can simply schedule the distribution. Maintaining a regular posting schedule is vital to social media success, making the need for new content essential.



Imagery is a major part of social media, with users often scrolling quickly through their feed. The ability to create eye-catching images is important if you want to stand out, while it also ensures you maintain a quality level within your brand. Canva has a huge library of templates, fonts, stock photos, and much more, so you can quickly create high-quality designs.



The Socialbakers suite contains a number of features aimed at providing an analytical approach to social media marketing. You can use the tool to find the type of content audiences are engaging with, the best time to post, and the results your content achieved. It is possible to listen in on conversations related to your brand, finding potential advocates and influencers who will help grow your business.

There are various other social media tools you might want to try, but these options will work for most businesses operating online. You could, of course, choose to go for the manual option, creating content and updating your profiles directly. For the quickest and most efficient option, though, it makes sense to use a small number of focused tools. Almost all businesses online use a number of different tools to run their operations, so using the same principles for your social media campaigns is the next logical step.

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