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How to Use Contests to Gain Social Media Followers for Your Businesses

There is nothing lonelier than a social media account with no followers. Every new social media account goes through that early stage of having very few followers. The accounts you open for your new business won't be any different. Don't let that discourage you. There are ways to legitimately boost your social media following in a relatively short amount of time.

Social media followers add credibility to your business. Most people don't like to be the first one to try a product. They like to see that the company is trusted by others. They look for social proof to make sure they aren't wasting their money by making a purchase. The more followers your social media account has, the better it looks to a prospective customer.


Some businesses build their social media accounts by buying followers in the beginning. While there are many companies that sell followers, its not only a terrible way to start your account, it's against Facebooks Terms & Conditions. The quality of your followers also counts for something. You don't want your pages followed by a bunch of dummy accounts. In the long run, this will hurt your company, especially on Facebook. Facebook monitors how engaged your followers are with your content to determine how many of your followers it will show your posts. If you have a bunch of fake accounts following you, you'll have low engagement and it will be harder for real customers to see you.


A good way to get real followers who are interested in your product is to run a giveaway. Offer one of your products asa prize. Entrants can follow your social media accounts to get more entry points and increase their chances of winning. They can also get points by sharing the giveaway. This gives the giveaway a viral component. 

Apps like Raffle copter, King Sumo Giveaways, andGleam are popular ways to manage these types of giveaways. Once your giveaway is entered into the app, it will keep track of entrants, and the number of points each person has. When the giveaway is over, you can use the app to pick a winner for you.


These giveaways are good for your business because the entrants share the giveaway on their social media to get more entry points in the contest. They are also prompted to follow your social media accounts in order to get more entry points. When the contest is over you could have thousands of new social media followers. Those followers will be real people who have some interest in your product.


Giveaways are used by many companies today because they work, but they're not right for everyone. For a free initial marketing assessment and consultation, get in touch with us today.

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