Qode 2019

QODE 2019

Last week Brent and I travelled down to Brisbane for the ‘Qode’ Conference, an innovation and technology event. This years conference was focused on the future of technology and where it will lead our society.

What we found particularly interesting is the potential for AI, not Artificial Insemination as one of the speakers joked, but Artificial Intelligence. The new methodology for developing AI is not to give it individual rules but allow it to learn on its own through structured reinforcement learning. A recent example of this is Google's Deepmind project; Alpha Go, which beat the best human player in the world at “GO’ an old and incredibly complex strategy board game https://deepmind.com/research/alphago/.

In the case of AlphaGo, the AI has learnt in a fraction of the time, to surpass hundreds of years of human wisdom with the Go game. This AI has already been used to help reduce energy use and in medical research projects. The potential for this is that AI can be developed to quickly learn and handle certain tasks for us and much more accurately and efficiently. For example, an AI could help a doctor to quickly and accurately diagnose patients, the AI could learn by reading through hundreds of thousands of medical papers and patient reports and would form accurate predictions based off enormous amounts of Data. The human doctor would still be required, but the AI could assist in negating possible human error. The AI would be continuously learning and refining its predictions.

Other topics discussed included AgriTech, emerging space technology in Australia, MedTech, Autonomous Robotics, Blockchain and more.

The Qode event featured engaging, highly knowledgable speakers and exhibitors from a number of industries. The two days away was a great source of inspiration and we look forward to implementing some of the learnings into Digital Crayon and Futuretechs.

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