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Want to Learn to Code?

How Do You Learn to Code?

Learning to code has become a very popular task. People from all backgrounds and age groups know how to code, are learning to code, or want to learn. Some want to learn programming in order to make a career change, help build their own website, or just to add another skill to their list. While learning to code can be a tremendously challenging and frustrating experience, it can also be a fulfilling and useful skill to learn. Some need to have a structured classroom or community where they can ask questions and have guidance from an instructor. Others may decide to simply watch YouTube videos or take a self-paced online course where they are not stuck to a schedule. Other factors to consider are time and money.Knowing a bit about your learning style will help you to decide which avenue of learning to take.  

Where do you begin?

If you jump into coding without a specific learning goal, you will be surrounded by many options without knowing which way is out. Too many paths mean you will learn a little about a lot. So start with a goal to learn a specific technology or language.If you want to learn web development in order to make websites or a web app, then start with front-end coding like HTML, CSS, or Javascript. You could also learn back-end development with PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Python. If you want to learn to make Android apps or iOS apps you can start learning ObjectiveC/C/C++/C# or Java depending on the operating system.

Then there is programming for Mac OS, Windows, or Linux. You can do some research to find out which language is required for each operating system. Before you begin coding, plan your goal and then do some research to find out what you need to achieve that goal. With that research, you will be able to choose a specific path to follow, and then you won't be stuck in a whirlwind of options.

Choose a Platform

Now that you have a goal set in mind you will need to choose a learning platform.

Some of the best online learning platforms that offer coding courses are:

-      CodeAcademy (https://www.codeacademy.com)

-      Udemy (https://www.udemy.com)

-      Pluralsight (https://www.pluralsight.com)

-      Sitepoint (http://sitepoint.com)

-      Stackskills (https://stackskills.com)

Each of these platforms offers courses for different coding languages and theories. If you do some research, you will surely find a platform that fits your learning style, time commitments, and price range.

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