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Why do social?

We live in a social world. Literally.

We believe in the power of conversation and word-of-mouth moves mountains online. ‘Relationship marketing’ is the new advertising and social media is the ultimate platform to reach hearts and shift mindsets.

Say goodbye to pushy salesmen and hello to online communities of advocates, change-makers, cheerleaders and ball-busters! It’s a make or break world and the power is in every business's hands to take part in the dialogue.

As for us - we’re here to craft and facilitate. We help our clients raise awareness, drive traffic, convert leads and most importantly, build a community!

We help improve our clients’ online presence with the support of strategic communications, effective campaigns, eye catching visuals and targeted advertising. We review the past, create a roadmap for the future and jump into action!

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Our process

1. Foundation: Understand  your current position.

We begin by conducting an online strategic session where we explore your creative vision, organisational goals and desired outcomes. We hear about your current situation and offer insight into how we can help grow your organisation and what we can do to help get the most out of your social media.

2. Ideation: Identify your path.

As a result of our initial session and market research, we gain a good grasp of the vision, objectives and desired outcomes for your social media. Together we consider a strategy to target demographics, timelines and advertising budgets to work towards desired outcomes e.g. engagement, education etc.

3. Implementation: Let's give that plan some legs!

Alongside an approval process, we schedule out the month’s activities including creative images and strategic content for each platform.

This stage also includes reporting to gain insights from activities and determine what course of action to take next.


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Wisely Group

We contribute to and manage their two social media platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn - with the support of all departments across Wisely Group. Since we started, we have seen a large increase in engagement and reach across both channels.

From project spotlights to career opportunities, internal affairs and employee benefits, we support their distribution of communications providing insight into ‘what they do’ and ‘what they have to offer’. With some posts reaching over 16,000 people and hundreds of engagements, it has been rewarding to be part of the overall promotion of Wisely Group and contribute to their reputation and vision for the future.

Importantly, we have seen impressive growth in awareness and engagement within their target market, which in turn has resulted in a stronger competitive presence within their industry.

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Good Shepherd Lodge & Kerrisdale Gardens

With a genuine desire to connect with their community through social media, Good Shepherd Lodge engaged us to build an overall strategy and manage their social media ongoing for their two locations.

During that time, we have seen an outstanding growth in their community engagement - particularly with residents, resident families and their team.

With some posts reaching over 12,000 people, it’s evident that their Facebook page is working towards their goals of engaging, connecting and building their positive ageing community.

From milestones, achievements and events, through to community engagement initiatives, they have evolved and expanded their communications as a whole. A strong reflection of their overall growth and development.

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