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What makes a kick-a$$ website?

What's the secret sauce behind a top-notch website? Think of websites like your favourite local cafe. It's gotta be easy to spot, neat as a pin, serve up the good stuff, and ooze the brand's unique charm. But here's the kicker: without a friendly barista to chat you up, a website's got mere seconds to impress before potential customers hit the road.

Our mantra? Solutions tailored to you, with your customer top-of mind. Drawing inspiration from our clients' flair and vibe, we craft websites that don't just work - they resonate with their audience. And guess what? We've partnered with Webflow to ensure our clients get the smoothest ride when it comes to hosting and upkeep.

Cookie-cutter designs and drab templates? Not on our watch. We're all about creating stunning, effective websites with a sprinkle of pizzazz.

Our process

Understand what matters to you and your customers.

It all begins by deeply understanding what you and your customers are truly looking for. What will make your website not just functional, but exceptional? We'll delve into these crucial details in our initial strategy session.

Design and develop a killer web experience.

With a clear strategy in place, we start the exciting phase of prototyping and designing. You'll be involved every step of the way, ensuring we're on the same page. The end result? An SEO-optimised, mobile-friendly, high-converting website that's primed and ready for launch.

Launch, optimise, analyse & 

Once you're completely satisfied with your site and we've wrapped up our internal quality checks, it's time to go live! But our commitment doesn't end there. We'll continue to monitor and provide after-launch support, ensuring your website remains a dynamic asset for your business.

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Recent work

Impress Solutions

River City Wholesale Liquor Merchants

Meet the go-to guys for quality beverages in town! While they always had the goods, their old website? Not so much. It was like wading through treacle. So, we stepped in. Now, they're rocking a sleek, user-friendly e-commerce site that not only looks fresh but also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics. Custom features? You bet! It's all about making their customers' online shopping experience smooth and enjoyable.

Wisely Group

We worked together to conceptualise, design and build a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and also highly functional. Importantly, the Wisely website needed to be multi-use to educate site visitors on their projects, connect prospective team members and provide a clear understanding of the business as a whole.
Wisely Group Website

Hi, I'm Brent

Owner of Digital Crayon

Fancy a chat about your new website, store or custom system? Well, I'm your go-to guy. When you decide to organise a chat, it'll be me you'll first meet with, ready to dive straight into the details of your vision. Over the past 8 years, I've been living and breathing digital [nerd for coding & designing] as well as researching, leading my team and speaking at events. I understand the rollercoaster and challenges of building and executing a successful digital strategy.

One thing I've got a keen eye for? Peeling back the layers of a business to uncover its core challenges. Whether it's interpreting intricate requirements or moulding them into a fully functional design, I'm all about finding solutions tailored just for you. And here's a little bonus: our close-knit team of three ensures you're always in direct touch with the folks shaping your project. We believe in genuine connections and top-notch craftsmanship, every step of the way.

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